Coaching:  As a coach I assist my clients in creating and defining their current life goals by asking specific questions designed at cutting through and getting to the things that matter most to them. This collaborative process is engaging and effective and designed to move people forward quickly.

Teen Coaching: As a teen coach I assist my clients by enhancing and highlighting their strengths, while also working on and creating skills to manage challenges.  The focus can be on many different things such as organizing action plans,  coming up with study plans and working on creating better study habits.  We can work on improving relationships, helping them feel more empowered to speak up or learn to speak more collaboratively.  I assist my clients in preparing for the future and functioning at their best.

Parent Coaching:  I help parents find practical solutions for the challenges they face.  We will create a plan that fits with you and your child's personality and strengths, sifting through conflicting advice and minimizing information to bring positive and sustainable results for you and your family.

Therapy:  As a therapist I work with clients to decrease negative symptoms that are getting in the way of internal and external harmony.  We will focus on increasing life balance, personal freedom and greater happiness.