Dial 211 for Mental Health Information
Multnomah County Crisis Line
503.988.4888 or 800.716.9769

Prescription Drug Discount for Oregonians

Returning Vets Resources

Drug/Alcohol Addiction
24 hour Addiction Hotline
DuPaul Treatment Center
LifeWorks NW

Marriage & Family Issues
Gottman is one of the leading researchers in marriage and family issues today. His site contains self-help and research information related to marriage and couples

Authentic Happiness
Dedicated to happiness, optimism and their associated impacts on our daily living, this site has self-surveys related to strengths, resiliency, emotional well-being and more.

American Academy of Pediatrics
This site is an excellent source of information related to
child health and parenting.

Online Psychological Tests and Surveys
Numerous self-surveys are located on this site and accessible by topic (search left margin on site to link to surveys and assessments). These surveys are NOT a substitute for the advice of a licensed mental health professional but may be a good place to start if you are thinking about seeking help.

Alternative Health Options
Evergreen Natural Health Center acupuncture and naturopathic care.
Working Class Acupuncture low and sliding scale

Low Cost Health Care Options
Outside In

Planned Parenthood of Oregon

Westover Heights Clinic

Dying/Bereavement of a Beloved Person
Oregon Hospice Association
Spiral of Life

For Children Who Have Lost a Loved One

Bereavement of a Beloved Pet
Dignified Pet Cremation
Dove Lewis