What's Values Got To Do With It?

I am busy and overwhelmed why are you asking me about values shouldn’t we be focused on making my life easier?

This is an actual question a client posed to me the other day:  great question, No?

So what do values have to do with anything you ask, well, my dears, everything.  You see we find our values in everything we do.  For instance when your walking down the street do you make time to stop and smell a beautiful flower or are you the type of person whose family always comes first.  Now, let me just say that guilt can often times peek its nasty head in our trip, so to say.  I have to mention that little gremlin guilt because often times I find that my lovely well-intentioned clients might feel guilty if say, personal success comes as a higher priority to them than community or family for that matter.  Remember that just because we might have a high value on a particular thing it doesn’t mean that the rest is negated.  So… its true one can have a high value on personal success and also have a high value on family and community.

Then comes balance, so how do we balance our lives when we have an innate drive for achievement, while we also value peace and relaxation.  How do we then find balance in all of the things that we value: because just a little secret between you and me… most of us value more than five things and when the pressure is put on most of the time we have a hard time choosing what our top values are.

Remember that some values change over time and within different culture contexts, its been said,” Cross a river and you’ll find a new set of standards, values and morals.”  We however are talking your personal values, the very things that make up who you are and what your cherish most in this lifetime.   With all of that said, what are your personal values and how are you honoring them or not in your life at this time.

Lets try a brief values exercise and see what comes up for you, by the way I would love to hear what you think about the exercise and how values are showing up in your life a this time.



Values exercise:

This should only take around five to ten minutes at the most so it doesn’t need to be a big ordeal.  Remember this is just a beginning exercise just a little taste to get you in touch with part of your essential self, the one that knows.

First:  find a comfortable seated position or lying down, close your eyes and take some nice deep breaths.  Breathing all the way into your low tummy area, abdominal to be correct, but breath here for a few moments and then begin to let you mind wander to a time in your life that was particularly challenging.   Go deeper into that time and be present in that experience.  How did you get out of that situation? What was your motivation for getting out at all? Who did you think of, if you thought of anyone at all?  What were you looking forward to when it was all over, or were you looking forward to anything?  As you ask yourself these questions you might want to open your eyes and begin to journal, let your thoughts just freely flow for about 5 minutes or more if you have the time, by all means don’t quit writing if you don’t have to.   When you’re done with the writing, read what you wrote.  Are there any values you can see right away? Are there any hidden values in there?

Check it out and see what comes up and then you might say, how am I honoring that essential part of myself or not?  Or how could I honor those parts more?

Best to you and may your journey be filled with all the abundance life has to offer.