Making Contacat

If we allow ourselves to sit and watch the world we will be witness to an ever-flowing movement.  A hummingbird flies in for a closer look and then flies back out to safety; a wave from a large body of water comes in to make contact with the earth then retreats, and the Morning Glory flower that gently opens by day and closes by night. All of life is a product of this flow, and as we move in and out of relationships and experiences we also must find our way back to our center to retreat, to rejuvenate and get ready to move forward again.

At our very best we can move from this connection with the world and then withdraw from it easily and at our leisure. However, often our careers and family and other obligations pull us out of this natural rhythm into one that over time can, and will, end up having a negative impact on our lives. If we only move outward and don’t take the time to retreat- anxiety, depression, fatigue, over indulging and pulling away from those who generally provide us with the love and support we need are often the outcome.

Each of us has to find a way to take the time to retreat and renew on an ongoing basis. Now you are probably thinking,” Yeah, Michelle, sounds great but I have real responsibilities and commitments that I have to keep, people are depending on me.” Sure it’s okay if every once in a while you stretch yourself when what you really need to do is retreat, but if over time this becomes the norm,  your health suffers: mental, emotional, and spiritual. I want you to know that it is within your reach to make conscious choices about when you will make contact and when you will retreat. It takes some practice but when we are able to do this we then come from a place of balance in our actions and decisions. Remarkably, things begin to flow.

As a first step, try this week to just notice your body’s desire to make contact with the outside world or its desire to retreat and recoup. Then when you’re ready, choose to follow what your body is telling you, even if in the past you would have pushed through.  Let me know how it goes.

~ peace michelle