Acquisition of Attraction?


Acquisition Or Attraction, Which One Are You Employing?

How are you? How’s it been going with some of the resolutions or goals you set for yourself in January? If you chose not to set any, how are you doing with that? Are you still going strong or has your will power waned? Maybe you’ve decided on something completely new and exciting… sometimes that’s how it goes, we set out in one direction and end up going a completely different way, but really the idea is just to get moving.

I read a quote the other day by Peter Drucker it goes like this:  “Do you know the best way to predict the future? Create it!”

In our present society we have a mode of thinking that tells us if we want something we just need to get out there and take it.  It’s the mindset of acquisition.  As a culture we reward and admire those individuals who have gone after what they want with enthusiasm and passion and well if they happen to trample on a few people on the way up, well that’s unfortunate but those are the casualties of the moment.

Although this appears to be very dog- eat- dog in mentality (and it is) this mentality has lead to brilliant advances in our modern culture.   As Michael Neill puts it, “This school of acquisition has been in full session for the past 2,500 years but there is another school of thought that has been hidden away in caves and secret societies and this is the teaching of the “Law of Attraction” many of you have probably seen the movie the “Secret” or read some books pertaining to this “Law of Attraction” But for those of you who haven’t, the idea is that:

Like becomes like
Thoughts become things
And you become what you think about

Supposedly the ruling elite suppressed the secret teachings because the leaders were afraid the individuals would realize how much power they actually had.

But now that we have this information and it’s readily available what is stopping individuals from living the life of their dreams?  Why isn’t everyone driving around in the their dream cars, why are people still starving and why do we have such drama in politics?

Well, the problem is that people are using “the secret” or the law of attraction as a new means of acquisition.  So instead of actually shifting their approach to life to planting seeds of kindness, experiencing more joy, expressing more love and kindness, they are looking for a better parking space or a better bank balance by of course thinking the right thoughts.  And many times individuals assume that if they only had “x” then they would feel happier or experience more joy.

But the real trick with the law of attraction and with the energy of happiness is what actually attracts the good things into our lives.  What attracts the energy of joy and excitement, the energy of being in awe every day and which creates power and that power is inevitably creative.

So instead of asking, “What do you want?” — it might be better to ask, “What would I love to create?”

When we step into our lives as creators, we are no longer limited by what we see around us.  We can create what would most fill our hearts with more joy.   You are absolutely and infinitely creative and when you create from all the beauty that already exists inside you, things like success or abundance or loving relationships become the natural outcome of your creation.

Over the next few weeks I invite you to pay attention to how you feel about the events in your life:

Are you absolutely in love with what you are doing?
Can you tap into joy when you’re not feeling it?
It’s through that JOY that you create your masterpiece.

When we don’t get what we want it may be just that its taking longer than we would like or that we haven’t found the way yet, no blame, or shame, no fault.

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