A Deeper Sense of Self

In a recent article by Deepak Chopra he writes:

When you know who you really are, you are able to manifest your deepest desires. You are able to experience abundance, joy, and fulfillment. Yet most people confuse their true identity with their self-image. They identify themselves with external things, including their possessions, titles, money, perceived status, and the opinion of others. This is known as object referral. By their very nature, objects change, so as long as you remain in a state of object referral, your life will feel unstable.

The opposite of object referral is self-referral or identifying with your inner self – the unchanging essence of your soul. In this state you have an internal sense of abiding happiness regardless of what is happening around you because you aren’t identified with transient objects or events. Your true self is:

Connected to all that exists
Unlimited and unbounded
Infinitely creative
Fearless and willing to step into the unknown

Since your true self is an inseparable part of the field of pure potentiality, the intentions that you set from this level of your being are powerful. When you’re established in your true self, you are able to harness the infinite organizing power of infinite intelligence to manifest your deepest desires.

After Reading this I was thinking, yes and how do we get from that place of object referral when we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for clues as to who we are at any given moment.

There are actually many ways to connect on a deeper level with ones-self and many of those ways are along the lines of finding things that are particular to you those things that in your most intimate moments with yourself you say to yourself, “I am really in love with this….”

However, our world or the world that we have created in this moment tends to be one that requires a lot of our attention like an unruly child that constantly begs for our attention, our lives have a way of requiring that we always think about what’s next for us or what we have to do next.

With all this in mind my invitation for you this week is to find 5 or more minutes a day for you to just be with your self.  Not doing anything just being.  You can meditate if you want, if that is something that feels good to you or practice one yoga asana, but mostly just be… relax in a chair (no reading) lay down and let yourself really rest, tune in to your breath, imagine clouds above you and try to feel that movement in your own body or the gentle rocking of waves hitting the side of a boat.

Just something where you have an opportunity to tune into your true, pure, peaceful self; no attachments just you part of everything.  Relax…

Om shanti