Living From the Heart

When sleeping women wake, mountains move—CHINESE PROVERB

As I prepare for this workshop I find that I am immersed in the material, understandably, of living from the heart, not only in book material but in my actual life.  I find myself consistently checking and asking myself the question, “What does it mean to live from the heart….  am I living from my heart or following someone else’s agenda”

I can tell you that for me living from the heart means actually taking the time to listen to my inner wise woman (or wild woman) depending on the day.  As well as asking internally “Is this what I really want or is there something more that I really I need?”

Often what I find when working with clients is the sabbatour or negative aspect of themselves comes in to tell them they are selfish for taking the time and space they need.

Now we’ve all had negative thoughts that like to come in and sabotage our divine inner guidance by saying things like, “You can’t do that, your too old, too fat, too much…” and on and on and often we choose to listen to those voices due to our own self value.   We hear the, “I tried, I am just not good enough.”  As women (and men do this as well) we make vows to ourselves, “I’m going to play more, rest more, eat healthier” and generally life gets in the way and we find ourselves derailed from our “truth”

I am here to tell you that there is nothing more powerful than truly knowing thy self, knowing your own inner truth!  This includes all the shadowy dark places too, lots of power lives there! Before you pick up another self help book or another diet plan I encourage you to get in touch with what is true for you! Beware though, this sometimes doesn’t feel good.  Sometimes your inner voice can come in and kick your butt into shape if you really listen (its not always touchy feely).

Living from your heart feels much different than living from your ego.  When you live from your heart you feel a deep sense of knowing, of peace, a sort of pull in that direction.  You feel at ease, and in control of yourself.  You lead from this place while learning to care for and love yourself. This is what coaxes your body into balance.  

You see when we forget what matters most to us then we give more homage to the negative, critical voices in our heads.  All of those “I cant’s!” or “I tried!” Things like “Well, I tried to be an artist I guess I’ll have to settle for a job I don’t like.”    The truth? Or is the real truth, “My previous attempts at making a living as an artist didn’t work, but I can still find a way to channel that part of me and call myself and artist”?

Living from the heart means really knowing who we are, knowing  what makes us happy.  It’s knowing our strengths and weaknesses and knowing what makes us tick.  It is important for us to realize that while we are not perfect, we can cherish and foster our own uniqueness. 

My Challenge for you would be for live truthfully, authentically, and honestly, drawing strength and consolation from your work, your family, love and health.  Cultivate and nurture those things, not from your head, where logic always rules, but from your heart where you can feel what is right and real just for you!