A Moment of Creative Pause

To Take a moment of Creative pause in our busy lives is essential.  Some amazing women and I have created a workshop just for this purpose

 The focus of the workshop is living from the heart.

We are centering it around nutrition and getting fully present in our body, mind and spirit.

 As women we get pulled in many different directions.  This seven day retreat is our moment to pause, and tune into what nourishes us as women not only through the food we eat but the joy we create by being with other women embarking together in the study of new things in new places and having the courage and willingness to take new risks and new adventures.

 This workshop is designed to offer tools that lead to a deeper sense of self and body knowledge while at the same time offering plenty of space for self- nurturing and adventure. 


What is your personal mythology?

What is your personal legacy that you wish to leave behind?

How do you give yourself the permission as well as the gift of retreat, the gift of moving to another rhythm or a moment of creative pause to tap back into the greatness that is you?

 When you think of taking time away for yourself is guilt the first thing that pops into your mind?

 How can we step into the knowing that stepping away is a MUST! Its something we must do so that we CAN be more fully present in all the other moments that require so very much of our lives.

 As women we are image-makers, and creative beings we are the powerhouses of our families!  So, tell me what is the shape of your life? 

 Mine, includes a dog, a beautiful young daughter, and a loving partner and I have a craft which is helping others it is a craft I love.  My life has also been shaped by many things as have yours; these are the things we’ll take a look at and make a conscious choice as to whether or not we want our attention to be where it spends most of its time or if we’d like more time for those creative pauses, more time for conscious choice making and heart following.

 These seven days out of 365 are a gift you are giving not only yourself but your family and all the women as well as men you come into contact with, as it represents a gentle reminder to always come back to self to make real choices from the truth of your being.

 We look forward to have you join us on the amazing adventure!


Michelle L. Emery