A little about me:

I love life!  Not that its been easy and not that I haven’t had moments of despair and deep sadness but I appreciate the complexities of life.  I appreciate the beauty, the journey and the struggle.  This is what I bring to the table.  I can hold the space of hope when you might feel you don’t have the strength.  I can ride the wave unknowing with you while you learn to navigate those subtle waters on your own.

I understand that sharing some of your deepest sorrows, regrets, disappointments or mistakes with someone you don’t know isn’t easy and I won’t pressure or judge that process.  I was trained first as a Professional Life Coach so my approach is more interactive and directive.  I like to give my clients something to process when they leave a session or something the study whether that be reading a book, trying out meditation, doing a yoga pose or something.  As a person who has been through the therapy process these are somethings that I like.  I never liked leaving a session with my therapist saying to myself “Now what?” ” What should I be focusing on this week?”  I wanted to get well, to move past the things that were getting in my way of moving forward or getting in my way in my relationships and I have a feeling that is what you might want too.

I am looking forward to meeting you when you are ready!


I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark Graduate School

I have a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in conflict resolution.

I received my certification in Life Coaching from the Centre for Coach Training in 2003: I also studied with Diana Sterling in the Parent as Coach approach for Parent Coaching.

I live, work, and play in this gorgeous city  Portland, Oregon.  I am the mother of a beautiful daughter and partner to a wonderfully creative, loving and successful man.

running companion

I enjoy running with my dog (featured left), doing yoga whenever possible, spending time with my family, reading, and integrating new ideas into my practice.  I love music, the arts, and reading good poetry while sipping fine wine… and of course any adventure that awaits me.